Who are we?

We are a team of attorneys from Eckland & Blando LLP that are experienced in representing individuals in complex, personal injury cases. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eckland & Blando is a litigation-focused firm that has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements or judgments on behalf of its clients.

Its lawyers work collaboratively to aggressively, ethically, and fearlessly pursue their clients’ meritorious claims. Eckland & Blando’s medical malpractice legal team is dedicated to pursuing justice for those harmed by their medical provider’s failure to obtain informed consent for gender-affirming care or by virtue of failing to properly diagnose or otherwise treat individuals in their provision of gender-affirming care. With a combination of legal advocacy, medical expertise, and a passion for justice, our team stands ready to advocate for the rights of those affected by malpractice in the healthcare system.

Our attorneys are licensed in various jurisdictions across the United States, including Connecticut*, District of Columbia*, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan*, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont*, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. (*Denotes admission only to the District Court of that state.)

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